New York Post: Why New Yorkers make the best Miss America winners

Last September, Kira Kazantsev made Miss America history.

Standing on an Atlantic City stage in a white gown, the Hofstra grad became the third consecutive Miss New York to capture the national title. Never had one state won three years in a row — a trifecta that was all the more surprising given the state’s lack of a rich pageant tradition.

“It’s a piece of history that I get to be a part of,” says Kazantsev. “And we’ve all been the first of something!” In 2013, Mallory Hagan was the first Miss New York to take the crown since Vanessa Williams in 1983. And 2014 champ Nina Davuluri was the first-ever Indian-American to win.

“[New York] is one of the best places to be a state title holder because you get to do really cool stuff,” says Kazantsev.

Among her favorite duties? Attending a screening of the documentary “Private Violence” with Gloria Steinem.

So what are the odds that current Miss New York Jamie Lynn Macchia will keep the dynasty rolling at the Miss America Pageant on Sept. 13?

Her predecessors think she’s got a real shot — and are ready to share their winning advice with her.

This article originally appeared on on September 5, 2015:

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